Who we are looking for

We are looking for the best tech and entrepreneurial minds

We start from individuals. You do not need an idea nor a team to apply, you will find both in Vento.

We select people with great potential.

We don’t look much at your academic records, what we care most about is your potential. We are looking for brilliant people, willing to put 100% effort into building the next successful startup.

Done is better than perfect

We search for those who work the hardest.

There will be many obstacles to overcome and challenges to face. The pace will be high and you will need to be resourceful to keep up. This is a place for people who want to be founders and want to work with people who feel the same.


What kind of Founder are you?

We know every Founder has their own uniqueness and quirks but we actually look for two types in particular:

Tech nerd

You are exceptionally skilled with and enthusiastic about technology and you try your best to really understand what goes on in the world instead of just riding the planet through space.You have spent countless hours of your life storing knowledge of the vast meadows of the Internet and its forums so you became the “Tech Friend”, everyone calls in the middle of the night to fix something up. You live and breathe innovation in all its forms and spend days and days deep to your elbows in building a giant robot or coding the next dogecoin.

Tech nerd
Biz wiz

Energetic, charismatic, ambitious and focused. Basically you are born to be an entrepreneur. You spent your childhood trying to become rich selling lemonade and trading Pokemon cards. There is a fire in you that burns for new experiences and responsibilities that require you to challenge yourself. Reacting quickly to arising problems or changing situations is like second nature to you. Instead of being afraid of change you cherish it.

Biz Wiz

What if you don’t fall into these two categories? Just apply anyway. We look forward to getting in touch with you and discovering your own uniqueness.

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